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Informed Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to strategising your digital marketing activity for the next year, you really shouldn’t rely on ‘our opinion’. Everything we suggest is based on data and insight, sprinkled with a touch of experience and creativity.


At DigitalXRun, we make a point of hiring the best and brightest in their area, to ensure you always get an expert eye. But most of all, we use our research skills to extract relevant data and distill it into value for your business. Leave us to the spreadsheets – we’ll give you easy-to-digest insights into where your business is at, who you should be talking to and how you compare in the market.

Audience Analysis
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  • Social listening
  • Audience profiling & persona creation
  • Channel audience insights
  • User journey mapping
  • User interviews
  • User surveys


The Tools we Use

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  • SEO audit
  • Content audit
  • PPC audit
  • UX audits
  • Social media audit
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