We understand the recruitment challenges faced by today’s

K-12 schools, language programs, universities and colleges.

At DigitalXRun we understand the recruitment challenges faced by today’s K-12 schools, language programs, universities and colleges. We can help you elevate your brand and connect with students using customized, data-driven recruitment solutions.

This is why you need a team of digital experts powered by the ultimate digital marketing technology suite—a team and platform that can give you a beautiful website, world-class content management, advanced analytics, 24/7 customer support, and a laundry-list of other solutions built to meet the unique needs of the Education Industry.

Tools That Make Life Easier for Recruitment

Content Management

An intuitive, easy-to-use CMS built to make healthcare organizations more successful.
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Data and Dashboards

We analyze and delivers reporting and analytics that simplify healthcare marketing.
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Intelligent Advertising

Smart digital advertising that adapts to the shifting needs and wants of healthcare organizations.
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Why Should Schools, Colleges, Universities Invest in

Inbound Marketing for Student Recruitment?

More than ever before, students and parents are turning to search engines to explore and compare schools. Their goal is to single out institutions that understand their particular wants and needs, and can help them achieve their goals. What exactly are they looking for online?


They want to find high quality blog posts that match their interests and offer relevant advice. They want to see inspiring video interviews with grads who conquered similar challenges and pursued similar goals. They want a window onto your campus culture, educational approach, and values. And they want all this before setting foot on your campus or even speaking with an admissions officer.


Research shows just how important your online presence is to prospective students:


of prospective students don’t know which school they want to attend when starting their search

say your website is “very” or “extremely” useful during their decision-making process

Nearly 70% research your social media – 75% say it influences their enrollment decision.
Using inbound marketing, schools can ensure just the right content gets in front of their target audiences, at just the right time. This is what drives engagement, sparks quality inquiries, and helps nurture new leads into enrolled students.

Everything Education Sector Need in One Place

Website Design
Social Media Marketing
Reporting & Analytics
Hosting Solutions
Digital Advertising
Reputation Monitoring
Content Marketing
User Experience
Search Engine Optimization
Video Marketing
Chat Bots

Student Personas and Competitor Analysis

Our auditing process involves a systematic, situational analysis of numerous factors originating from and surrounding your recruitment model, including your current commercial objectives, your competing institutions and their marketing resources, and your audience.

Generating accurate student personas involves targeted market research and will enable our team to better review and shape your brand’s voice to attract these leads. As such, our persona and key message research pairs well with other aspects of our audit process. We will define:

  • » The demographic characteristics of your key target audiences
  • » Their most pertinent motivations and goals
  • » Key pain points and barriers to enrollment
  • » Primary and secondary key messaging for your digital marketing initiatives
We can also identify and analyze your competitors, evaluating their digital marketing presence and activities in comparison to your own so that you get a clear picture of how well you measure up against your competition. This may include your competitor’s:
  • » Website positioning, UX, and overall strategy
  • » Content creation approaches
  • » Social media presence
  • » Paid advertising initiatives
  • » Inquiry follow-up processes
Both of these processes will also inform other components of our audit, as we examine different aspects of your digital marketing presence with both your persona’s needs and competitive position in the marketplace in mind.

Education Lead Generation. Do you need to generate more leads?

The key to lead generation is the usability and visibility of your website. With so many other companies on the playing field, it’s important for your website to appear at top rank. But how do you get there? Well, it’s complicated, but we can help.
We use the most effective online strategies that will increase your conversion of clicks to leads. Whether you’re targeting local or international recruitment, we can help gear the traffic towards your site and make sure students are landing on the right pages.

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